One for the Road…

“Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.” ― Anna Quindlen

Reading a book is a journey, you become a part of it and the journey becomes magical if it has a perfect partner. I have been providing a suitable partner to the books I have read recently, which turned out to be an awesome partnership. Books quench the thirst of your mind and the soul and the perfect drink with it, it is a cherry on top.

I have paired different drinks with different genres of books and got lost in the world of words. I am going to share a few of my favorite partners.

Becoming is never giving up on the idea that there’s more growing to be done. -Michelle Obama

It is said that when life gives you lemons you turn it into lemonade, maybe that’s why it was suitable for  the book “Becoming- by Michelle Obama”. In the book, Michelle Obama speaks about her journey divided into three chapters, she talks about her roots, how she found her own voice & her partnership with Barack Obama when he was her intern till he became the President of USA. This book awakens you and makes you believe that you are powerful and can change the world. One of my favorite quote from this book by her “You may live in the world as it is, but you can still work to create the world as it should be.”

Most of the people are a fan of this one. The bestseller epic fantasy novel by George R. R. Martin ” A Song of Ice and Fire”, the first book of this series was published in 1996, 5 volumes out of seven have already been published. I paired this book with one of the oldest and widely consumed drink, “Beer”. Beer allows you to relax and calm your mind, which is necessary to understand the high-level politics, strategies, in this ultimate book. The author combines realism with the magic which creates an ultimate historical fiction and you get more involved with the characters as you feel you are living their life with a glass of chilled beer in one hand 🙂

Whenever I read a romantic novel I prefer a vanilla drink, it allows me to get engrossed in the vivid romance. The book “50 shades of grey by E. l James” worked best with one of my favorite cocktail Mojito. The tingling taste of lime and freshness of mint, with white rum take you to another level of pleasure. like the drink, this erotic fiction book will make you keep all your thoughts away and be lost in this fascinating world of romance, as you finish the first book, you crave more for reading the next parts Fifty shades darker and fifty shades freed and once you finish reading, you may realize that true love is beyond all the materialistic things, it started as an erotic fantasy book but ended as a beautiful love story, and while reading it when you gaze at your mojito it must be saying ” sip me baby, again and again”.

” Coffee solves everything!!”  like the saying I paired it up with the thriller novel “The midnight line ” by Lee Child , this is one of the brilliantly written novel of Jack Reacher series. As coffee stimulates your brain, making you more active and alert. I prefer it for thriller, suspense novels. it boosts your brain function and allows you to see things from the character’s perspective. The story revolves around one classy ring he happened to see and his journey to search for the ring owner, which unfolds the darker chain of crime, the book keeps you engaged with the characters. You would definitely require more cups of coffee with this genre.

These few combinations I have tried recently and really enjoyed every sip with every page. Life will turn out to be more amazing if you do things with a creative touch. There is a quote by Neil Gaiman ” A book is a dream that you hold in your hand”.

Keep unfolding your dreams & books will definitely help you to achieve it. Don’t forget to pair up with good drink 😉.

Share your opinions, suggestions, experiences in the comment section below. Spread Love ❤️

Disclaimer: Being a newbie to blogging world,I have referred few WWW sites like Google ,Wikipedia, and pinterest for the information purpose, this is completely my own writing and thought process. None of the content from the blog is copied from another blog/source. If you feel the same please connect with me as this could be purely coincidence.

Happy Birthday… From 6 feet away.

“Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.”
Ernestine Ulmer

I believe you all are safe and healthy wherever you are. A big challenge awaits us, to survive through this intricate period and utilize the time we have right now to work on ourselves, to become a better human being. Time has taught us all, over and over again, not to take our life for granted & this is the time we need to take it seriously. To keep our mind healthy along with our body is also very important to pass through this phase of our life. Staying motivated and energetic always helps!

Many people might be missing out on big events during this period like Birthdays, Anniversaries, weddings, Promotions, etc. Myself being an April Born can understand how it feels. I recently celebrated my birthday, well you can say “Quarantined Birthday” yes! I celebrated it instead of whining about the current situation & I realized that this life is precious and I shouldn’t be wasting it just being negative and stressed. This difficult period is affecting us in many possible ways but it’s in our hands how to turn it into a profitable one. I am grateful for all the wonderful people in my life who love me and took the efforts to make my birthday an enjoyable one. I thank you all from my heart.

I had planned a nice solo trip to Paris on my birthday this year but due to the current situation plan got cancelled. I thank God that he showed me the further danger beforehand & staying home is the best possible solution right now. My day started with the thought “Thank God, I am fit and virus free and I want this day to be the most amazing one because it’s my Birthday”. I decided to pamper myself the whole day and feel lively again. I never skip my exercise routine because it gives me the power to stay active physically and maintain my emotional stability, I followed the same on that day. Then I baked a two-tier vanilla, chocolate cake with dark chocolate frosting and walnut crunch, surprisingly it turned out to be delicious just like in the picture. I enjoyed my favorite breakfast. There is saying by John Gunther “All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast” & being a foodie I take it very seriously.

I came out of my usual T-shirt track pant & messy bun avatar and gave myself a little makeover, applied nice makeup, wore my favorite dress & clicked a bunch of photographs. I watched my favorite show (F.R.I.E.N.D.S ;-)), danced on my favorite songs, got connected with my friends and relatives over the WhatsApp, video calls, Facebook, Instagram. Every inbox flooded with wonderful messages, virtual hugs, and lots of love. I took a nice aromatherapy at home, it helps soothe your senses and relax your brain. I rested on my couch with an exotic scent in the room including soft music which was the more powerful stress reliever. My day was full happiness, laughter and surprises followed by a nice family dinner.

I truly say that this birthday was more of a realization of what I have with me right now is priceless. Give yourself the day off, a gift of time and make it unforgettable, it doesn’t matter which day it is.

I really salute all the health workers and Police officers who are working whole day and night to protect us, let’s support them & each other, take care of each other & believe that we will definitely pass through this crucial time. Stay safe and healthy & don’t forget to spread Love. ❤️

What defines you??

There are n number of answers for the above question.. “what Defines you?” Your qualities? Your designation? Your education? Your principles? Your morals? All of these is true, but before people talk to you they look at you, at your facial expressions, your body language and most importantly what you wear. Most people have misconceptions that you look good, only if you wear expensive clothes or style like a celebrity… a big ‘NOO’ to this. I believe that, whatever you wear, you just need to carry it confidentely. I believe, weight, complexion, height… these factors don’t affect your style.. Every person is unique and carries his own style, his own body language, whatever you wear, your body language should adjust accordingly. To make styling you don’t require tons of cloths or matching accessories on each attire you can simply mix and match or just think offbeat and create your look..

Most importantly styling is not only for famous personalities or for celebrities but is also for people like us, ordinary people. We who follow normal routine. From my next blog I will share about my kind of simple styling you can follow on a daily basis without investing much money. On a last note you can wear anything you want no matter what others think, just stay confident because ‘EVERYONE IS A MODEL’. Love yourself..spread love ❤️

What your mind says??

Mind, a very tricky invisible thing that everybody believes it exists. Main source for our beliefs, ideas, emotions, feelings. Study says that our human mind is strong enough to deal with any kind of situation, you just need to believe it. Our mind will always believe everything you tell it, feed it with hope, truth and love.

Our mind supports us in any kind of a situation and to function it properly it needs nourishment. It’s simple, just do what it makes happy, take a break from daily routine, go on a solo trip , advantage of doing that you would be able to build a strong communication between you and your mind. Challenge your mind by doing some adventure, it helps you to get a fearless mind. Read a nice book, and feed your mind with positive and happy thoughts. Do something which increase your fitness it gives you healthy mind, believe me, healthy mind works miraculously. Spend time with small kids it makes your mind more creative. Take a walk or trek in nature it helps to calm the storms inside you and make a peace. Keep yourself productive because life is too big and time is less. There are many things which keeps your mind healthy and happy, before you do these things just ask question to your mind first ” hey buddy, what do you think we should do?” Whatever the answer you get just accept it and run towards your growth and happiness, because at the end of the day nothing matters but your happiness.

Thank you for reading my content. Please leave your valuable comments, suggestions and feedback in comment section below. Spread love ❤️